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16x16" on 20x20" rag paper, Ink Jet Prints, framed in white 20x20" frames. 

12x12" on 16x16" rag paper, Ink Jet Prints, framed in white 16x16" frames. 

Each image is printed as an edition of four with two artist proofs. 

Ten images total in the series. Available for group exhibitions. 

Prices on request.

In “As the Fog Clears”, I appropriate found photographs from both my family's archive of images and photographs purchased in antique stores and on the Internet. By removing the depicted persons from their original contexts I am making use of their likenesses to transform them into character studies. The element of fog is used to create a void where the character is trapped and the viewer is able to assign a location and circumstances based off of the figure’s body language and characteristics.